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January 16, 2010

God’s Own Lunatics

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Presentation by Mr. Joe Gallaway, a war correspondent with the grunts and a hero.  The only civilian to awarded, from the Army, a Bronze star for bravery in action.

From the sound track of The Shadow of the Blade.  gods-own-lunatics2

(Spoken to soft music and the thump of the Huey rotor blades approaching…)

I don’t know if there is anybody here today who doesn’t thrill at the sound of those blades.
That familiar whoop whoop whoop is the sound track of our war.
The lullaby of our younger days

To someone who spent his time in Nam with the grunts,
I’ve got to tell you that noise was always great comfort.

It meant that someone was going to help,
Someone was coming to get our wounded,
Someone was coming to bring us water and ammo,
Someone was coming to take our dead brothers home.
And eventually, someone was coming to give us a ride out of hell.

Even today when I hear it, I stop, catch my breath, and think back to those days.
I love you guys as only an infantryman can.

No matter how bad things were, if we called you came.
Down through the green tracers and other signs of a real bad day, off to a real bad start.
To us you seem to beyond brave and fearless.
That you would come to us in the middle of battle,
In those flimsy thin skinned crates.
And in the storm of fire, you sit up there behind the thin plexiglas
Seeming so patience, and so calm, and so vulnerable
Waiting for off loading and the on loading.
We thought you where God’s own lunatics and we loved you. Still do.

We are the fortunate ones.
We survived when so many better men gave up their precious lives for us.
We owe them a sacred debt, to live each day to it’s fullest.

What they are saying when you listen hard enough is this,
“We’re at peace and so should you be… and so should you be.”

(Sounds of the thump of the Huey rotor blades flying over and departing…)

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